with Marieta Oslanec, Esq.

SOUL Business


The two-hour Live Masterclass will show you how to build a six-figure aligned service-based business your way. The value of this Masterclass is $222.

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Welcome, Gorgeous Soul!

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Since 2011, I have built three multiple six-figure companies.

The first one was a traditional law firm with offices in three jurisdictions that collapsed after I and my business partner didn't get along anymore.

The second one was a virtual law firm that contributed over $20M of

foreign investment to the US economy.

The third one was and still is my coaching business, empowering multidimensional

spiritual leaders to create a business and life they love in an aligned way.

During my entrepreneurial journey, I have realized that

it's not enough to build a business that makes money if you don't enjoy it.

I also realized that it's hard to scale and grow a business if you're not

in total alignment.

Because it usually leads to total burnout.

As I was studying and implementing all the marketing strategies from the

so-called marketing gurus, it hit me.

Spiritual Multi-dimensional Women are NOT meant

to create and market this way.

Not only this "bro" marketing method was outdated,

it was dangerous for my mental health.

I ended up with severe panic attacks and anxiety.

So I went on a journey.

Journey of self-healing and self-discovery.

This journey led to writing and publishing my book,

Love is the Law, and creating an aligned coaching business.

As I healed my wounded feminine energy,

my soul business expanded.

In 15 months, I have built a six-figure business.

In my second year in business, I made six-figure months.

And the best part? It all happened in my (aligned) way.

Aligned with my heart.

Aligned with my soul.

Aligned with who I AM.

This MASTERCLASS is my blueprint.



Marieta is the author of Love is the Law, a serial entrepreneur, intuitive success mentor, former attorney, and successful women’s coach. Marieta has worked with entrepreneurs worldwide for a decade, creating purpose-driven businesses. 


After her spiritual awakening, Marieta wrote the book Love is the Law and started to implement universal laws & mindset work into her business.

As a result, she experienced an actual quantum jump: she could manifest 100K per month.

Originally from Slovakia, Marieta moved to the USA in 2007 with just $700 and barely spoke English. She graduated from the prestigious Northwestern Pritzker School of Law and became a licensed attorney.

She founded her first company in 2011, and over the years, she has contributed over $20M to the US economy with her legal and consulting work. 


Marieta has been coaching spiritual-conscious women to master their mindset, turn their passion into a profit, build a purpose-driven business, create a wildly happy life,  and uplift humanity. 

Marieta’s businesses were featured in Forbes and other media.


Let's Talk Details

The Live Masterclass will be divided into these sections.

REPLAY will be available.


Part 1: Aligned NICHE

- How to "define" your NICHE as a multi-dimensional entrepreneur.

- Why you should forget the old-school "niche selection" in 2024.
- The most profitable niche is YOU and here is why.


Part 2: Aligned Multi-dimensional BRAND

- How to define and build your aligned multi-dimensional brand.

- Why You are YOUR BRAND.

- How to use Social Media to build your MAGNETIC online presence.


Part 3: Aligned Expansion

- How to define and craft your aligned offers.

- How to intuitively price your low-tier, mid-tier, and premium offers in an aligned way that sells.

- How did I triple my income in just six weeks, and how can you do the same.

- Throw away the Sales Script and forget about Sales Calls (unless you love them!)

- How to use DM to sell every day in an aligned way.

The value of this Masterclass is
222 USD.
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Skyrocket Your Income & Impact in an Aligned Way.


We just hit $1M/per month after coaching with Marieta 1-on-1. She puts her whole heart into it. She trained me to become a creator instead of the victim. With her coaching, I could attract premium clients and manifest my dream team. You really must be a DOER to work with Marieta.

—Long Tao

Even while battling my mindset around money and business, I’ve tripled my overall monthly income for the last few months and quadrupled my income per client.

—Sarah McLeod